Things to do in Malahide

Picture this: you’re nestled on a sandy beach, lulled by the gentle lapping of waves against the shore. As you watch the sun dip below the horizon, casting a warm golden hue over everything, you’re lost in a moment of tranquil serenity. Welcome to Malahide—the hidden gem on the east coast of Ireland.

Malahide is a charismatic town that effortlessly marries the charm of its medieval history with a lively, modern lifestyle. Here, you’ll find the past coming alive in every corner, be it the stunning Malahide Castle, the ancient St. Sylvester’s Church, or the quaint cobblestone streets. Yet, amidst this historical grandeur, there’s a thriving marina, bustling markets, chic boutiques, and gourmet restaurants that add a contemporary vibrancy to the town.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a nature lover, a foodie, a sports fan, or simply someone yearning for a peaceful getaway, Malahide has something to enthrall you. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll take you through the many attractions that this town offers, from popular tourist spots to hidden gems, ensuring you’ll make the most of your visit.

Let’s set sail on this exciting journey and explore the best things to do in Malahide!

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Popular Tourist Attractions in Malahide

Malahide Castle

One of the must-see things in Malahide, this remarkable castle is a sterling testament to the richness of Ireland’s history. Encompassed by lush, verdant greenery, Malahide Castle features exquisite furniture, ornate decorations, and riveting portraits of the Talbot family. As you traverse its grand halls, you can feel centuries of history echoing in every corner.

Malahide Marina

There’s something tranquil about the sight of boats bobbing gently on the waters of Malahide Marina. Whether you’re a sailing enthusiast or simply someone who enjoys the picturesque ambiance of a marina, this place is a delightful stop. The surrounding area is speckled with eateries and shops, inviting you to indulge in a laid-back, leisurely afternoon.

Malahide Beach

Nothing beats a day spent on a sandy beach, feeling the cool sea breeze brushing your face. Malahide Beach is an enchanting coastal spot that offers scenic views and is an ideal location for a picnic or a peaceful stroll.

The Butterfly House

Nestled within the grounds of Malahide Castle, the Butterfly House is a unique attraction teeming with exotic species of butterflies. Walking amidst these fluttering beauties is a surreal, almost magical experience that leaves you with a sense of wonder.

Top Things to Do in Malahide

Visit the Fry Model Railway

Malahide’s Fry Model Railway is a marvel for train enthusiasts and families alike. This intricately designed railway model, housed in a charming Victorian structure, showcases an impressive collection of miniature trains, captivating both young and old.

Explore the Malahide Village

A jaunt around Malahide Village is like stepping back in time. Cobblestone streets, quaint shops, and vibrant flowers paint a picture of a serene, unhurried life. Grab a coffee from a local café, admire the classic Irish architecture, and mingle with the friendly locals for an authentic Malahide experience.

Engage in Outdoor Activities

The great outdoors is your playground in Malahide. From cycling and hiking on the charming woodland trails to enjoying a leisurely round of golf at the Malahide Golf Club, there are plenty of ways to stay active.

Attend a Concert at Malahide Castle

Yes, this historic site isn’t just for history buffs. The castle grounds often serve as a venue for music concerts. So, if you’re lucky, you might catch a performance by international artists against the breathtaking backdrop of this majestic castle.

Must-See Places in Malahide

Talbot Botanic Gardens

Another gem within Malahide Castle’s grounds, Talbot Botanic Gardens is a botanical paradise. These impeccably maintained gardens showcase an array of indigenous and exotic flora. The stunning greenery combined with the tranquility makes it a haven for nature lovers.

St. Sylvester’s Church

This impressive Roman Catholic Church stands as an architectural beacon in Malahide. Its interior is just as fascinating, with intricate stained glass windows and a serene, reverent atmosphere.

The Old Street

A stroll down Malahide’s Old Street is like flipping through pages of a storybook. Charming storefronts, historic buildings, and inviting cafés line the streets, each with their own tale to tell.

Lambay Island

A boat trip to Lambay Island, visible from Malahide Beach, offers visitors an unparalleled opportunity to spot a variety of wildlife, including puffins and seals. This untouched slice of nature makes for an exciting day trip.

Best Places to Visit in Malahide for First-Time Visitors

Malahide Castle and Gardens

First-time visitors to Malahide can’t afford to miss the castle and its alluring gardens. The castle’s guided tour delves into the rich history of the Talbot family, leaving you entranced by tales of grandeur, battles, and perseverance.

The Village Green

At the heart of Malahide, you’ll find the Village Green—a bustling hub of activity. This spacious green expanse is the ideal spot to unwind, enjoy a picnic, or people-watch.

Abbey Tavern

This 16th-century tavern offers a tantalizing taste of traditional Irish food and drink. Enjoy your meal in a warm, welcoming atmosphere that promises an authentic Irish dining experience.

Malahide Market

Every Saturday, the town comes alive with the bustling Malahide Market. Offering a vast array of local produce, handmade crafts, and delectable food stalls, it’s a paradise for shoppers.

Best Places to Visit in Malahide for Families

Malahide Play Centre

Looking for a fun-filled day with the kids? Malahide Play Centre offers a range of interactive and engaging activities for children, ensuring a day of laughter and excitement.

The Secret Village

Tucked away in the castle grounds, this play area is designed to mimic a miniature Malahide village. It’s a wonderful spot for kids to run around, explore, and let their imaginations run wild.

Newbridge House and Farm

A short drive from Malahide, this magnificent Georgian mansion is surrounded by a working farm, home to a variety of animals. Kids will love getting up close with the farm animals and exploring the vast estate.

The Fun Shack

This indoor play centre is the perfect rainy-day solution. Packed with fun games, slides, and a dedicated toddler area, it guarantees a day of adventure for the little ones.

Best Places to Visit in Malahide for Couples

Enjoy a Romantic Meal at Geisha Restaurant

Geisha offers a modern take on Asian cuisine, providing a cozy and intimate setting perfect for a romantic dinner. The delightful fusion of flavors, coupled with their extensive wine list, makes for a memorable culinary experience.

Take a Scenic Walk on the Coastal Path

Walking hand in hand along the Malahide to Portmarnock coastal path, with the soothing sound of waves in the background, is undeniably romantic. The mesmerizing sea views add to the charm, making it an ideal date spot.

Book a Couple’s Spa Day

Luxury and relaxation go hand in hand at the Oasis Beauty Day Spa & Skincare Clinic. Indulge in their couple’s package for a day of pampering and rejuvenation.

Visit the Casino Model Railway Museum

Discover the magic of Ireland’s rich railway history together at this enchanting museum. The interactive displays and intricate models add a dash of fun to your day.

Best Places to Visit in Malahide on a Budget

Visit the Malahide Public Library

This library isn’t just a haven for book lovers, but also an architectural gem. Admission is free, and there are plenty of comfortable spots to get lost in a good book.

Explore Malahide Demesne Regional Park

This expansive park provides the perfect setting for a picnic, a jog, or a leisurely stroll. It’s a budget-friendly way to enjoy Malahide’s natural beauty.

Take a Walk Through the Heritage Gardens

These carefully curated gardens are nestled within Malahide Castle’s grounds and offer a feast for the senses. Entry is free, making it an affordable way to appreciate the local flora.

Attend Free Events

Malahide often hosts free cultural events, festivals, and outdoor concerts, especially during the summer. These events are a fantastic way to experience the local culture without spending a penny.

Best Day Trips from Malahide

Visit the Vibrant City of Dublin

A short train ride away, Dublin offers a blend of history, culture, and fun. Visit the Guinness Storehouse, Trinity College, or simply wander the city streets and soak in the atmosphere.

Explore the Howth Peninsula

Known for its cliffside walks and stunning views, Howth is a seaside town not to be missed. Don’t forget to try some fresh seafood while you’re there.

Take a Trip to the Boyne Valley

Home to ancient burial sites like Newgrange, the Boyne Valley is a journey into Ireland’s prehistoric past. The lush landscapes and the River Boyne add to its allure.

Wander Through the Wicklow Mountains

Known as the “Garden of Ireland,” the Wicklow Mountains offer stunning views and endless hiking trails. Make sure to visit Glendalough, a medieval monastic site nestled in the valley.

Hidden Gems in Malahide

The Tara Brooch

Located in the Malahide Castle, this exquisite piece of ancient Irish jewelry is often overlooked by visitors. Make sure to admire this intricate artifact during your castle tour.

The Old School House

Tucked away from the town center, this charming restaurant resides in a historic building. It’s a great spot to enjoy traditional Irish fare in a unique setting.

Island Golf Club

A short ferry ride from Malahide Marina, this golf club is a well-kept secret. Its coastal location offers stunning views, enhancing your golfing experience.

The Grand Hotel’s Historical Tours

Though known primarily as a luxury accommodation, the Grand Hotel also offers historical tours. Discover the fascinating stories behind this 19th-century building and its guests.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Places in Malahide

Ye Olde Sweet Shoppe

This charming store takes you back in time with its collection of classic sweets. It’s a nostalgic treat that’s often missed by tourists.

High Rock

A local favorite, this coastal swimming spot is tucked away from the usual tourist trail. It’s a great place to enjoy a dip in the sea and experience local life.

Seabury Park

This local park is a tranquil spot often overlooked by tourists. Take a leisurely stroll, feed the ducks, or simply unwind and appreciate the peace and quiet.

Oscar Taylor’s

This local pub off the main drag offers a genuine Irish pub experience. With live music, a friendly crowd, and a hearty menu, it’s a hidden gem well worth the visit.

Best Places to Eat in Malahide

Bon Appetit

This Michelin-starred restaurant offers an exceptional dining experience. Its innovative menu features locally sourced ingredients, promising a culinary journey like no other.

That’s Amore

This authentic Italian restaurant is loved for its homemade pasta and warm hospitality. The mouth-watering dishes make it a must-visit for food enthusiasts.

Jaipur Restaurant

For those seeking an explosion of flavors, Jaipur Restaurant offers a delicious array of Indian cuisine. Its vibrant atmosphere and flavorful dishes promise a memorable meal.

Fowler’s Café and Bakery

A delightful café nestled in the heart of Malahide, Fowler’s offers a selection of homemade baked goods and a cozy ambiance. It’s the perfect spot for a light breakfast or a coffee break.

Must-See Sporting Teams in Malahide

Malahide United

Malahide United is a well-established local football team. Watching a match at their home ground, Gannon Park, is an exciting way to get a taste of the local sports scene.

Malahide Cricket Club

Cricket is immensely popular in Malahide. Catch a match at the Malahide Cricket Club, especially during the summer months, for an afternoon of sporting excitement.

Malahide Rugby Club

Join the local fans for a thrilling rugby match at the Malahide Rugby Club. It’s a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the local sporting culture.

Malahide Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club

This club, dating back to 1879, is a testimony to Malahide’s love for tennis. The beautifully maintained courts and the intense matches make it a must-visit for sports enthusiasts.

Night-life in Malahide

Gilbert and Wright

This trendy bar offers a vibrant nightlife scene. Its eclectic décor, great music, and fantastic drink selection make it a popular nightspot.

Duffy’s Pub

A classic Irish pub, Duffy’s is known for its warm atmosphere, live music, and quality drinks. It’s an ideal place to enjoy a traditional Irish night out.

Fowler’s Bar

An extension of Fowler’s Café and Bakery, Fowler’s Bar is a favorite among locals. With a cozy ambiance and a variety of craft beers on offer, it’s a great spot for a relaxed evening.

Gibney’s of Malahide

One of the oldest establishments in town, Gibney’s is an iconic part of Malahide’s nightlife. It offers a great selection of drinks, live music, and a lively atmosphere.

Conclusion – Things to do in Malahide

Malahide is a town that wears many hats. It’s a historical landmark, a seaside retreat, a culinary destination, and a sports hub, all rolled into one. No matter your preference, this charming town has something that will make your heart flutter. So, whether you’re a first-time visitor, a couple, a family, or on a budget, don’t hesitate. Dive in and experience the wonders that Malahide has to offer. Remember, adventure awaits at every corner!

Frequently Asked Questions: Things to Do in Malahide, Ireland

Q: Where is Malahide located in Ireland? A: Malahide is a coastal town located in County Dublin, on the east coast of Ireland.

It is approximately 16 kilometers (10 miles) north of Dublin city center.

Q: What are some popular attractions in Malahide?

A: Malahide Castle and Gardens is the main attraction in the area, featuring a medieval castle, extensive gardens, and a visitor center. Other popular attractions include Malahide Marina, Malahide Beach, and the picturesque Malahide Village with its charming shops, pubs, and restaurants.

Q: Can I visit Malahide Castle and Gardens?

A: Yes, Malahide Castle and Gardens are open to visitors. You can explore the castle’s rich history, wander through the beautifully landscaped gardens, and enjoy guided tours. There is also a gift shop and café on-site.

Q: Are there any outdoor activities in Malahide?

A: Absolutely! Malahide offers a range of outdoor activities. You can take a leisurely stroll along Malahide Beach, go for a bike ride in Malahide Demesne Park, or try your hand at golfing in one of the local golf courses. The marina is also a great spot for a scenic walk or to enjoy water sports.

Q: Are there any events or festivals in Malahide?

A: Yes, Malahide hosts various events and festivals throughout the year. One of the most notable is the Malahide Cricket Club Music Festival, which attracts renowned artists. There are also regular farmers markets, art exhibitions, and cultural events happening in the area.

Q: Can I go on a boat trip from Malahide?

A: Yes, you can take boat trips from Malahide Marina. These trips offer scenic views of the coastline and nearby islands, such as Lambay Island. Some boat tours also provide opportunities for fishing or wildlife spotting.

Q: Is there a good selection of restaurants and pubs in Malahide?

A: Absolutely! Malahide Village is known for its vibrant culinary scene. There are numerous restaurants, cafes, and traditional pubs offering a variety of cuisines, from Irish dishes to international fare. You’ll find options to suit different tastes and budgets.

Q: Are there any nearby attractions worth visiting from Malahide?

A: Yes, there are several nearby attractions you can explore. Howth, a neighboring coastal village, is known for its beautiful cliff walks and fresh seafood. Dublin city center is also easily accessible, offering a wealth of cultural sites, museums, shopping districts, and nightlife.

Q: How do I get to Malahide from Dublin city center?

A: Malahide is conveniently located near Dublin city center. You can reach Malahide by train from Connolly Station in Dublin. The DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) service runs frequently, and the journey takes approximately 25 minutes. Alternatively, you can take a bus or taxi from the city center.

Q: Is it possible to stay overnight in Malahide?

A: Yes, Malahide offers a range of accommodations, including hotels, guesthouses, and bed and breakfasts. Staying overnight allows you to fully enjoy the town’s attractions and explore the surrounding areas at your leisure.

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